2017 Chile Conference Presentations

Chile Pepper Institute Development Leadership Council Update- Cindy Nicholson

The Chile Pepper: It’s Nutritious and Delicious- Ivette Guzman

Food Safety Modernization Act Updates- John Garlisch

Development of NM Green Chile Cultivars for Mechanization- Stephanie Walker

Green Harvest- Haim Oz

The Pepster Mechanical Destemmer- Joseph Randazzo

Automated Mechanical Chile Destemmer- Nag Kodali

Simple Approaches to Pest and Disease Management- Matt Romero

Biorational Management of Wilt Diseases in Chile- Soum Sanogo

Weed Management in Chile Pepper- Leslie Beck

Chile Peppers vs. Soilborne Diseases: Can the Plant Win?- Mike Matheron

Yield of Chile Peppers Irrigated with Brackish Groundwater and Reverse Osmosis Concentrate- Manoj Shukla