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The Chile Pepper Institute started publishing the Chile Pepper Institute Newsletter in 1992. If you are interested in obtaining copies of past newsletters, please click on the links below.


  • Spring/Summer – DLC Update, ‘NuMex Easter’, 2014 NM Chile Conference
  • Summer/Fall – Chile Pepper Consumption, Emma Jean Cervantes, Domesticated Chile Peppers



  • Winter– Inexhaustible Energy, NuMex Heritage Big Jim 5
  • Spring– Chile Peppers for Livestock, Mrs. Renfro’s


  • Winter– New Faces, Growing Chile, NM Production
  • Spring– CPI Garden, Changing Demographics, Mechanization
  • Summer– CPI Hot Spot, New Book, Virus Research
  • Fall– Super-Flavored Chile, Downside, Enchanted


  • Winter– Cajamarca, Bhut Jolokia Publicity, Anesthesia Research
  • Spring– Pepper Spray for Private Citizens
  • Summer– New NMSU Guide, Member’s Success, Pepper Mottle


  • Spring– New Varieties, Endowed Fund, New Record
  • Summer– Earliest Evidence, Diversity
  • Fall– Russian See List, Just How Hot, Effects of Pepper Spray


  • Winter– Pepper Spray, Two Berries, It’s the Thought That Counts
  • Spring– Vitamin B-6, Antioxidant Activity
  • Summer– Insect Repellents, Company Profile, Capsaicin & Cancer
  • Fall– Chile Pepper Hottest Item, International Pepper Conference Update, Psyllids


  • Winter– Food Lab, Seed Sample, Chile Cleaner
  • Spring– Profile-Renee’s Garden, Chile Peppers Good for Stopping Cravings, Food Technology at University Highlighted
  • Summer– 3000 B.C. Society Grew Chiles, Chiles Curb Over-Eating
  • Fall– Chili Cook-Off, Thanksgiving Peppers, Halloween Pumpkins


  • Winter– Honored Board Members, Company Profile, Chile Task Force
  • Spring– Amazon Adventure, Chile Pots, Task Force Update
  • Summer– Company Profile, Pepper Boost, Chile Task Force, Upcoming Events
  • Fall– Migrant Students Learn Research through CPI Program, New Mechanical Chile Cleaners Boost Efficiency, Ag Practices Program Introduced, etc.


  • Winter– Colorful Males, Task Force, Seed Gift
  • Spring– Intl Chile Conference Highlights, CPI Teaching Garden, NMSU Chile Task Force Updates, Letter from Member
  • Summer– Pepper Beauty, NMSU Chile Task Force, Disease Resistance in Tropics
  • Fall– Task Force, From the Mailbag, Phytophthora


  • Winter– Publications, Matching Gift Programs, CPI Celebrates 10 Years
  • Spring– Bosland Recieves Award, NMSU Cultivars, Why Cooks Spice Up Foods
  • Summer– Chile Pepper Institute Director Featured in Educational Textbook, Curry Myths
  • Fall– Regulations on Chile Roasters, Comida de Campos, Cervantes Recieves Award


  • Winter– Annual Seet Pkt, Nematode Resistant Cayenne
  • Spring– Conference Highlights, Silent Auction, Mechanical Harvesting, Natural Food Colors
  • Summer– Capsaicin as an Insect Repellent, NMSU Pungency Research, EUCARPIA Meetings, Pods are Healthy
  • Fall– Spices Protect Bacteria, Capsaicin as a Dietary Regulator, Holland Heats Up


  • Winter– Preparing Chiles, Elephant Repellent, Bear Repellent, Great Year for Chiles
  • Spring– Cultivar & Germplasm Release, Chile Pepper Exploration in Paraguay, “Ig-Nobel” Award to CPI Director, etc.
  • Summer– You Name It, Professor Translates Rumphius Book, Capsicum or Ritsjes, Chile Conference 2000, The Pepper Trail, etc.


  • Spring– Capsicul y Cultura La Historia Del Chilli, Plastic Mulch Speeds Development, 1999 Chile Conference
  • Summer– What is the Root of Capsicum, Common Quality Standard for Pepper, Demand for Colored Peppers Increased, etc.
  • Fall– What’s in a Name, Really Chile Festival, Oleoresin, Health Benefits of Chile, Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Codfish


  • Winter– Suncoast Pepper Inc, Chile is Hot Item as Pest Repellent, Hatch Chile Festival Highlights
  • Spring– Mangoes in Indiana, Chile Canning, Conference Highlights
  • Summer– Hot Dates to Remember, Capsaicin Receptor Discovered
  • Fall– Chile Peppers in China, The Chipotle Mystery-Solved at Last, Easy Access to the World of Chile


  • Winter– Bio-Control Popular in Chile Greenhouse, Meet the CPI Board (Part 2), Chile-More Than a Food
  • Spring– Steinmans Contribute to CPI, Transplants Give Chile Crop a Head Start, Chile Conference Highlights
  • Summer– Chile Exhibit Becoming a Reality, NM Red Child Feeds Growing Demand, Measuring Chile Pungency: Feel the Heat
  • Fall– Introducing Peruvian Ají Chiles, Meet the CPI Board (Part 1), Weed or Vegetable


  • Winter– Mcllhenny Donates $5,000 to Institute, Homemade Chile Powder: Tailored to your Tastes, Make Your Own Ristra, Florida Pepper Conference Highlights
  • Spring– A Fond Farewell to Our Editor, Professionals Turn to NMSU Chile Experts for Help
  • Summer– Pillsbury and Old El Paso Donate $5,000, Chile as an Insecticide, Paprika’s Bright Future Linked to its Bright Color
  • Fall– Plant Variety Protection Art, Fiery Food Sales Will Continue to Increase, Measuring the Surface Color of Chile


  • Winter– Datil Do It, Fertilizing Chiles, Capsicum News
  • Spring– Flower Fertilization and Making Controlled Crosses, The Pepper Paradise of Ara, Nigeria
  • Summer– Eat the Leaves and the Fruit, Chile Prevents Biofouling, Distinguishing Between Sun Scald and Blossom-End Rot
  • Fall– The Chile Peppers of Highland Bolivia, Factors Affecting Hot Sauce Heat, Capsicum News


  • Winter– The Case of the Elusive Pollinator and Other Pepper Puzzles, The Nomenclature Controversy, Message from the Director
  • Spring– Stalking the Coyotes of the Plant World, The Chile Cancer Scare, Measuring Chile Pungency
  • Summer– Plans for ICC Released, Dr. Pepper-Pepper Doctor, Post-Harvest Shipping and Handling of Peppers: A Brief Guide


  • Spring– Message From the Dean: Dr. John Owens, Capsicum Communiqué, Chile Slides Available, Chile Conference
  • Fall– Hot Peppers are for the Birds, Message from the Director, Home Drying and Storage of Capsicums, Chile Imports, Deficit Way Up


  • Fall– The Balance of Chiles Deficit Triples, The Chile Pepper Museum, Chile Conference Roundup