Science Fair Project Ideas Using Chile Peppers

  • Where does the heat from different chile peppers occur in the mouth?
  • Chile pepper heat differences in people
  • What is the best way to stop the burning caused by chile peppers?
  • Which chile peppers make the best natural dye?
  • What soil temperatures are best for chile pepper seed germination?
  • Will soaking chile pepper seeds in water (salt water or vinegar) help them germinate faster?
  • Does using a different soil media make a difference in chile pepper seed germination?
  • Is soil necessary for chile pepper plant growth?
  • Do chile pepper plants grow best in natural or artificial light?
  • Does the type of water used affect the growth of pepper plants?
  • Best watering rates for chile pepper plants
  • How does ethylene affect ripening chile pepper fruit?
  • What is the best soil pH for chile pepper plant growth?
  • Effects of gibberellic acid on chile pepper plants
  • Factors that affect chile pepper plant flower
  • Deterring chile pepper pests
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