Chile Terminology

Term Definition
Adobo Sauce Tomato based sauce used to can chipotles
aji South American term for chile
Anaheim a cultivar of the New Mexican pod type
Ancho a pre-Columbian pod type from Mexico maturing to red (dried form)
campanulate shaped like a bell
Capsicum genus name for chiles
Capsaicin one of the alkaloids in chile that makes it hot
Capsaicinoids one of the groups of alkaloids in chiles that make them hot
Chile anything consisting of the Capsicum plant or the fruit from the plant
Chili a culinary dish consisting of chile powder, beans, tomato and ground beef
Chile Pasado dehydrated green chiles that can be reconstituted for cooking
Chile Wilt often refers to Phytophthora wilt caused by a fungus, can also refer to the fungal disease Verticillium
Rellenos Culinary dish of stuffed fresh New Mexican chiles
Chiltepin A wild variety of piquins also called bird peppers, wild bird peppers and birdseye peppers, usually round in shape
Chile piquin wild red pepper that normally has a "bullet" shape
chipotle A smoke-dried red jalapeno
compost a mixture consisting of decomposed organic material used to fertilize and condition soil
cultivar a cultivated plant variety
HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography used to machine analyze pungency
Hybrid the offspring of two genetically different plants
Long Green the New Mexican pod type also called Anaheim, cultivars include NuMex Big Jim, NuMex Joe E Parker and Sandia
New Mexican a pod type developed by Fabian Garcia of NMSU in the 1880's, sometimes mislabeled as ‘Anaheim'
mole a spicy sauce made of chiles and unsweetened chocolate
Mulato similar to the ancho but brown at maturity
N-P-K the amount of Nitrogen - Potassium - Phosphorous in a particular fertilizer
Paprika any non pungent, red at maturity chile that is used as a spice or for color
Poblano in U.S. produce markets, an green ancho or mulato (fresh form)
Pod type a horticultural division of a species, i.e. jalapeno, bell, yellow wax, New Mexican etc.
Pungency the heat of chiles
Ristra a long "string" of New Mexican chiles used for storage and decoration
Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) A measure of chile pungency named after Wilbur Scoville based on the dilution of chile samples until heat is no longer detected by a "taster."
Variety a subdivision of a species consisting of naturally occurring or selectively breed populations or individuals.
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